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Hours worked on: 200+

Worn at: Animecon2010, Abunai 2010, FACTS 2010


The reason for this costume:

My fiancée told me an awesome game was in the make. He showed me a picture of a woman dressed up in a leather suit. At first I wasn’t very interested. Then he showed me a picture of the costume in movement, the character of the woman and her awesome kick-ass moves which made me fall completely for Bayonetta’s design. Her suit wasn’t just a suit…but it was her hair!!

Seeing her in action just made me go ‘wow’ and I looked up the further details which made it actually a very interesting costume and thus an interesting cosplay as well ;)


How I made it: Aii…where to start haha.

Suit: found a good looking pattern online that could be the basic of the costume

Fabric: at first I ordered the wrong type of leather and tried to make something out of it. Unfortunately the fabric was just…not good. I found a 2-way stretch leather on school (pure luck!!!) and remade the costume.

Although it’s very difficult to sit down in, it’s at least stretchier then before haha.

Details: All the details like her golden amulets are made out of craft foam. Covered them up with adhesive plastic and used cellophane paper to add the red details. Her earrings are made out of light weighted clay and painted in gold. Hand painted the text on her hair ribbon.

Guns: These where my very first own made props ever and I’m very proud of them. I used some kind of isolation foam and PVC pipes so make the basic. Covered it up with plaster bandage and added layer by layer and details with light weighted clay. The guns are surprisingly light thanks to this technique.

Wig: Used a loooooooooooong wig and made a ponytail in it. It’s absolutely the wrong way because you cannot make ponytails that easily in wigs. But I thought it would be fine if the hair would cover the back haha. It was my lazyness and a bit running out of time as well. Used leftover hair to cover up the front and make it look like the hair is wrapped around and stuff. Added golden chains and ribbons to it.

Thoughts on this costume: I totally LOVED wearing this costume. It’s fun to give it a try with her accents and her personality. She is fun with posing and made me feel like a complete femme fatale. Although I’m not very happy with my wig, I’m very happy with the outcome. Definitely my favorite costume of 2010.


Pictures taken by Melissa van den Hoogen


Pictures taken by Morten Jensen

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