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The basics facts:


Name: Kimberley

Birthday: 16 March

Height: 161 cm

Residency: Delft, The Netherlands

Occupation: Fabric shop employee, dressmaker and a big dreamer.

Hobbies: Cosplay, (Japanese) fashion and sewing


The history facts:

I’ve been a part of the cosplay scene since 2005.
It all started when I found out about people dressed up as their favorite anime or manga character. I’ve always told others that I would like to wear costumes like the ones worn by the characters in the Dead Or Alive games. So I decided to study about fashion and sewing.
At fashion school I was being taught how to sew and found out that there was a convention in The Netherlands called ‘Animecon’.
I asked a friend of mine if she would like to join me at the next Animecon and give it a go with cosplay.
Then finally an update on the Animecon website was posted, announcing Animecon 2005. So we booked our tickets, reserved a hotel room and went to the Animecon that year cosplaying for the first time as Tokyo Mew Mew and Rikku from FFX-2.
At that convention I found out that this was truly what I wanted to do and learn more about.

From that moment on I decided to cosplay on every convention I could go to.

So, did I choose my fashion training only for cosplay?

Answer is both, yes and no.
At that time I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. Nothing really came to my mind and I didn’t really like administrative work or something related.
So first I attended a fashion school, where they taught me much about sewing, patterns and fabrics.

I had a great time at school and with and a lot of knowledge about sewing, I graduated.
Since that school was not a very high level education (MBO level 2), I decided to aim for a higher level and applied at the ‘Mondriaan College’ in The Hague.
It was very different from my previous school and we (as a class) didn’t go off with a good start.
In 2010 I graduated with a (MBO) level 4, a good looking tailor-made suit and a kick-ass cosplay fashion show with the best of my costumes from the past 6 years.


The personal facts:
I live in The Netherlands in Delft and currently work at a fabric store for a living.

Next to my part-time job I also am a dressmaker for an entertainment group called SPD and love to make clothes and fashion.

In my limited free-time I love to play games on my Xbox 360, go shopping, and having meets ups with my girls from Shebooya and exercise in the gym.


Still want to know more?

Feel free to mail me ^__^


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