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Hours worked on: 60 hours

Worn at: Animecon 2008, Chibicon 2008, Abunai 2008


The reason for this costume: I have seen many Belldandy costumes and I as well wanted to try this one out.
Feeling and acting like a goddess and having such a beautiful costume where my main reasons for making this costume.

How I made it: The dress is made from a simple synthetic material that had a nice shimmering layer that could be seen in the sunrays.
The blue coat is made out of taffeta silk.
I used organza for her hairpiece and voile for her sleeves and back part.
Stitched cute, organza ruffles at the bottom of her skirt and also stitched little beads (the ones you can buy per meter) at the opening at her back and at the front of the top around the bust.

Thoughts on this costume: The costume moved as a goddess’ dress around me thanks to the lightweighted fabrics I used. It was hard to walk on the stairs since the dress is pretty tight and not made out of stretch fabric.
I had a lovely time in this costume and it’s pretty comfortable as well.


Pictures taken by Jody Franken (with my mobile phone so appologies for the crappy capture)



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