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Hours worked on: 40 – 50 hours

Worn at: Animecon 2006, Abunai 2006


The reason for this costume: My friend and I really wanted to cosplay Chii and Freya.
She had a black costume and I wanted to make a white one, yet that shorts didn’t work out for me so I decided to make this pink dress of Chii.

How I made it: I used two simple patterns that I had before for my Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay.
A simple strapless top and a circle skirt.
I used 3 different lengths of the circle skirt.
The two longer layers are sewn together on one waistband. The shorter one has its own waistband. Underneath the first skirt is a tiny little petticoat to give it a little more poof.
It was my first time to use a lining and I used it everywhere except for the arm pieces.
Further I used around 40 – 44 meters of ruffles. It took me 2 hours with the 2nd layer skirt already. So I don’t know how long it took for the rest. I could give you one big advice though. Hire a good, long movie and watch it while you are gathering your fabric.
The ears are made of craft foam and an invisible bra-strap that I hide underneath my wig.


Thoughts on this costume: This Chii dress reminds me allot of those sweet memories of meeting my fiancée and the period of falling in love with him ^__^


I love the outcome of the costume and it was nice to walk around as Chii


Pictures taken by Jody Franken



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