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Hours worked on: 25 hours

Worn at: Animecon 2007, Games in Concert 2007, Abunai2008

The reason for this costume: Christie kicks ass. I did some cute characters and it was time to pick out an assassin.
I thought it would be hard to play an assassin but it was pretty easy. Anyway I really love her outfit and her personality in the game so that is the main reason why I chose her.


How I made it: Bought the trousers and made them lower at the waist. I drew my own pattern for the jacket and hand painted the fire on it. Sewed some skai-leather straps together for my belts and took studs from a belt and used them in my collar.

I had to use low sporty shoes because I did a fighting act. It was pretty rough so I couldn’t use high heels on this one. But I did use shoes with a flame on it ;)

Also a side note: I made a bikini top with an invisible bra strap between it and taped it at me breast. I also used an invisible bra strap for my jacket and taped it at my skin. So yes I’m wearing a ‘ bra’ and yes the jacket is taped and will stay at my skin.It’s one of the few costumes where I do use skin tape.


Thoughts on this costume: It was very cool to crawl in Christie’s skin and be her. It’s also a very comfortable costume.


Pictures taken by Jody Franken



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