Cutey Honey Live Action

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Hours worked on: 40-60 hours

Worn at: Animecon 2007 and Chibicon 2007


The reason for this costume: Cutey Honey is such a nice character and such a sweet personality. Everybody should love this sweet girl. Also it looked like a real job to make this outfit. My hands where itching for it so I made this Cutey Honey live action version.

How I made it: It took me 2 days to find out how I could make this suit without the use of a body stocking and too much tape.
I began with the halter top and used a pattern of a ballet bodystocking.
After that I made a separate back part with the hearts and designs, stitched a stretching band at the top of it, tied it in the front and tugged it away underneath the front part of the collar.
Now I would be able to get out of the costume easily.
I stitched hearts on an arm warmer and stitched it at the front of the top.
Used invisible bra-strips for the trousers / legging and stitched a press-button on it so I could close and open it.
My classmate stitched the hearts on my butt. I had to wear this costume because it’s stretching and else the hearts wouldn’t be on the right place with the right amount of stretch.
I used a little piece of skin colored fabric for the part of her leg to prevent it from falling open.

I also used a little bit of skin tape to tape the hearts of me sleeve, at my back


Thoughts on this costume: A comfortable and fun-posing costume.

It’s nice to cosplay such an awesome character


Pictures taken by Cloeder



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