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Hours worked on: 40-60 hours

Worn at: Animecon2009, Japan Expo 2010


The reason for this costume:

I wanted to do a skimpy cosplay again but was a bit afraid that Gloria wouldn’t come out the way I would like to.

Sharon said she wanted to do a Lady DMC4 cosplay so I decided to make this costume and cosplay together with her again.
I also love the design of the costume.

How I made it:

I drew my own pattern for this one and bought too much fabric. So I made a try-out costume and had to change allot on it. Also I had to find a way to create the illusion of not wearing underwear.
So I spend some time to think about the underwear part and how I could be able to walk around normal in this cosplay.

I made this costume out of double fabric so you wouldn’t see through it and used orange satin for some parts of the costume.
Found a perfect stretching lace and some nice golden border for all the lace details.
First I wanted to make my own gloves out of my mom’s wedding gloves but I didn’t had enough time to make them so I bought them at a store.
I also found some shoes at ebay but I couldn’t move around in them so I had to buy new ones. Just like my wig and my contacts -__-

I mixed up the drawing art and the original concept. Meaning I had a lightning at the back (which was hard to sew) and I made some small loops out of ribbon so I could use fish threat so my frontlap and backlap won’t flap too much in the wind. Fish threat isn’t very pleasant for your skin though.

The shoulderpads are made of craftfoam and carboard.


Thoughts on this costume:

I first though I would look like an idiot who just wanted to dress skimpy. But I’m very proud with the outcome of this costume.

It’s skimpy but still enough elegance.
I didn’t look like some kind of low paid woman from the street but more like a woman with attitude and who will kick your ass.


Pictures taken by Gerlinde


Pictures taken by Theo Kleijer


Pictures taken by Drazen


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