Japanese Geiko

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Model: Kimberley

This costume is NOT created by me.

Photoshoot as a geiko (geisha).
I could choose a nice kimono. However, all of them where black. First off all I could not see the difference between them but then finally I saw that the lower part of the kimono had a wonderful design on it.
They asked me which obi would look better on it and I chose a nice beige one.
Again, I could wear these sweet little geta’s and on the pictures sinitself as well since Geisha’s wear lower geta’s.

This kimono only contains a few layers less than the maiko one.
It was also very comfortable too. They also used a different wigstyle.
They tied the obi itself and it was very long. I wish I could tie it like this myself but I only know the yukata way.

There was not enough time to walk outside in this outfit so only the studio pictures are seen here.


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