Japanese Maiko

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Model: Kimberley

This costume is NOT created by me.

This photo shoot (and the Geiko photoshoot) I did in Japan.
I could dress up as a Maiko or Geiko for a day and it was my dream to be one.
They took me to the changing room where I got a pair of tabi’s and a clean kimono underwear dress. After putting these on, I sat in a chair and they did my make-up quite fast. After I choose a kimono, I got tied up in it. They packed me up in a few layers and tied all of the ribbons pretty tight so it was hard to breathe in the first place x_x
After getting the kimono on they put a big yet not heavy wig on my head.
Before leaving the changing room, I had to wear TINY geta’s. I walked into the waiting room straight to the studio room where I could get these geta’s off.
The photographer was very nice and could speak pretty well English.
Later I had to use those HUGE geta’s (okobo). First, my dream came true…but I could not move at all in all these layers so the photographer helped me with it.

After the shoot I could walk around in the Kyoto for 30 minutes with a guide.

This was one day before my fiancĂ©e asked me to marry him. The picture of him sitting on his knees was a small hint. Though he didn’t asked me that moment since he knew he would mess up my make-up.


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