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Hours worked on: 45 hours

Worn at: Games in Concert 2008


The reason for this costume: I made a Dante cosplay coat for my fiancée in 2006. We were asked to cosplay at Games in Concert 2008 and he wanted to cosplay Dante again. I really wanted to cosplay with him as a couple so I decided to make Lady. It would be a pretty easy cosplay but the props would be hard to make

How I made it: I used a pattern from a blouse I made before and made it much shorter and a bit tighter.
Still had some patterns for a short that I could use for Lady’s shorts.

I drew a pattern for the pockets and sewed those on a band. To make the band fit my hips; I stitched a few darts in it.
It was the first time that I made gloves and I hand stitched them together and used fabric glue so the seams won’t open up.

I made the guns out of triplex wood and my mom helped me by saw the pieces of wood.
Used the design of Dante’s guns; Ebony and Ivory. Too bad the painting didn’t come out as I wanted. But I’m very happy that I can wear them just like Lady can. One on the back and one in front.

Kalina Ann: my fiancée made Kalina Ann for me. He did had some problems with the front and the back so I helped him out with these two parts.
I made the back piece out of wood and the front out of craft foam, cardboard and duct-tape.
He made the complete construction out of PVC pipes and used a broomstick for the handle at the front.


Thoughts on this costume: This costume was really COOL to wear.
I got allot of attention with my Kalina Ann and they sure recognized me.
I also received allot of compliments on my costume.
Too bad I didn’t have the contacts or a black wig.
But for sure I love this cosplay for its looks.


Pictures taken by Neil Corne



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