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Hours worked on: 80 – 100 hours

Worn at: Animecon2009, Japan Expo 2010


The reason for this costume: I was asked to join a DOA group at Animecon2009. I already used my other Leifang costume twice so I decided to make another Leifang. I didn’t want to do the red or white version since I already have a red Chinese dress in my closet. So I chose blue.


How I made it:With allot of tears. No kidding this dress was a complete nightmare for me.

I first bought a pattern and a very lovely looking fabric. After making it I noticed that I didn’t liked the look of the dress and also the seams where ripping apart. The fabric was too old!!!!
Back to the drawing table again. I drew my own pattern and bought a nice blue satin fabric at my school. It has some white broidery in it.
I used a brocade fabric for the bird and the front bird was serged by hand so it wouldn’t rip apart. This took me for WEEKS. After that I’ve hand sewed it on my dress with a satinstitch. This took me WEEKS again.
One of my classmates, Corine, drew my bird on the back.
Instead of handserging the back bird I used textile glue. It worked great so it only took me for about two hours to glue the back bird’s outlines.
After using the glue I had to hand sew the bird again.
When the birds where sewn on the dress I wanted to create more depth in it by using sequins. My boyfriend also helped me out with them a little.
Long story short: this was a complete timetaking cosplay.
Even finding the right shoes was a difficult task.

Thoughts on this costume: It took me hours, days, weeks, months to create this costume. Also allot of frustration. But it was all worth it.

It is a very comfortable and elegant dress and I feel like a real princess in it. Only the shoes where a real pain after a day of walking on it.


Pictures taken by Theo Kleijer


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