Leifang sexy dress – DOA

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Hours worked on: 10 hours

Worn at: Abunai 2007, Abunai 2008


The reason for this costume:

This costume is so sexy. The first time I saw this one I wanted to make it. I was 15 years old (if I remember correctly) so a little too young. I finally got the chance to make it. It also looked like a pretty easy costume.


How I made it: I used a lycra fabric cause I couldn’t find any stretching leather. Used a triangle bikini pattern as a basic and made a whole dress out of it.  I stood in front of a mirror to see where I had to cut the openings. Because I dislike using tape I made the dress tight enough so I wouldn’t have to use any.


Thoughts on this costume: It’s a very sexy yet elegant dress which shouldn’t be worn with a lot of wind haha.


Pictures taken by Jody Franken



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