Meg – Burst Angel

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Hours worked on: 30 – 40  hours

Worn at: Animecon 2008, Animecon 2009


The reason for this costume: A friend of mine asked me to team up with her as Meg from Burst Angel.

I didn’t knew much about the character but after watching a few episodes it looked pretty much of a fun thing to cosplay Meg.


How I made it:

Drew the patterns for her skirt, cut away the sides of it and replaced it for ringlets and a cord.

Made a pair of overknee chaps and used one of my normal tops as a basic for Meg’s top.


The sniper rifle is made by my fiancée and the hat is bought at some kind of masquerade store.


Since Meg has a lot of panty shots and gives a lot of fanservice I decided to wear golden bikini knickers.



Thoughts on this costume: It was cool to team up with my friend and walk around with a sniper as big as yourself. Especially a shoot on a roof is pretty fun to do.

Only minor point is that the overknee chaps keep sliding down.


Melissa van den Hoogen



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