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Hours worked on: 20 – 30 hours

Worn at: Animecon2005


The reason for this costume: Back then I was a complete fan of Tokyo Mew Mew. I really liked the story and the character was so cute.

This was my very first cosplay ever and my very first convention I would attend so I chose Mew Ichigo since she was pretty easy to make.
It was also me first year of fashion school. Therefore, it was a good project to learn some basics.

How I made it: I used two simple patterns.
A strapless top and a circle skirt and used simple pink cotton for it.
I made my tail out of a fake fur and made bootcovers (which looked terrible).
Later I spraypainted my boots into pink for my Haado Lezu cosplay.

Since I don’t have many pictures of this costume I did a photoshoot one year later.

Used my spraypainted Haado Lezo boots, my first BAAAAAAD wig and covered it up with a cute cat hoodie I once made.


Thoughts on this costume: My first cosplay, my first convention, what else can I say then just that I had a lot of fun being a Mew Mew and walking around on the convention floors.


Pictures taken by Jody Franken



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