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Hours worked on: 30 hours

Worn at: Freegaming 2008, Abunai2008, Chibicon2009


The reason for this costume: Together with some friends I was asked to promote cosplay on an event called ‘Free-gaming’.
I wanted something that was new and knew that Soulcalibur 4 was on its way. So I chose to make this costume. There was only one problem. I had to finish this in only one week.


How I made it: My fiancee was so nice to make my prop. Note: the prop on the pictures is a remake since my prop was broken when I came back home.

I used the pattern for my Christie’s cosplay coat and made a simple pattern for the skirt.
Bought taffeta silk on the market (and I was lucky that they had the right colors too) and some cotton.

All the gold/yellow sign are handpainted with a toothpick and I used vliesofix so I could iron the flowers on the skirt.

It was the first time that I made boots and I’m not very happy with them.

Found some old overknee socks and stitched some left-over taffeta silk on it.

For the kneepad I used a simple mouthprotector and spraypainted it gold.


Thoughts on this costume: I really hated this costume but after altering some problems I wore it again to Chibicon2009 for a photoshoot.
Seungmina usually has thick braided hair but my wig looked much better in a ponytail.
I was so unhappy about the boots because they were looking so strange. I used shoelaces to tie them to my leg and they looked much better.

For a one week cosplay it does look OK. But it’s not my best work.


Pictures taken by Theo Kleijer



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