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Photography: Diana de Mol

Model: Kimberley

Make-up: Mandy Rond

Outfit created by: Kimberley

This outfit designed and created for a fresh new (hardcore) party called ‘Warp2one’. They needed a design for their flyer that would be colorful and bit anime-ish. After designing and finding the right colors I made the outfit. Based on my outfit they drew the art for the flyer.

I did not wear this to the party itself since it’s about hardcore, terror and higher BMP, bouncy musics haha. I did wear this outfit to Dj Plague’s final B-day party and had the opportunity to dance in his dancegroup ‘CSR live’.

You can watch the final CSR-liveshow at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7L19weclN0&feature=player_profilepage#t=349s

Do I like such music? Well…it’s not my favorite but sure a form of cardio training and steaming off some cosplay stress hahaha.


Photography: Herre Heersma

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