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Hi all,

Some of you have been visiting my cosplay workshops on Abunai and Animecon. On my old website there was a download section where you could read the whole workshop again.

I don’t have a download section anymore but I do have the links of my workshops. All my workshops are written in Dutch but they have enough pictures and links in it to learn from it in any language.


Here is a list of my past few workshops:

- Abunai 2011: posing workshop: My appologies for not finishing the complete workshop. I was having a fever and couldn’t finish the text and pdf. But here is the pdf anyway cause there are quite some usefull links in it!! Cosplay workshop posing

-  How does a sewing machine works?:

-  Abunai 2010 How-To-Start-A-Cosplay workshop:

-  Animecon fabric workshop:


If there will be more workshops in the feature, I might consider a new download section again. For now I will keep it simple by re-updating this post.


-xx- Megumii

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