Assassins Creed Female Altair

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Hours worked on: 60 hours

Worn at: Assassins Creed Revelations Launch Event 2011

The reason for this costume: Although I never played or owned an Assassins Creed game, Altair’s outfit is pretty known by most people. After some mailing through a friend to Ubisoft I decided to just give it a go and see if I could make a female version out of Altair’s outfit. I made 7 designs and, although all of them had something, design 01 was just perfect from the very beginning.  I had in mind that this might be a good outfit for a boothbabe or something. Sexy for the guys with it’s huge split that shows some leg. Yet interesting enough for women to come closer as well.

How I made it: Somewhere in my room, gaining dust and stuff, I had this own made pattern of a blouse that I never made. I decided to see if I could alter it to a dress and made a try-out model first. After some altering and stuff the dress fitted like a glove.  I made this dress with a fabric mix of polyester and viscose. Therefor it’s very leightweighted and has this elegant movement while walking around. It is also completely lined with a light stretchy lining.

The hood took me some practise and alot of try-out models for it’s bird shape. It also had to cover my eyes yet show enough of my face. The hood is completely double lined. I can take out the red lining and wash this costume without being affraid it’ll turn pink haha.

The vambraces and the belt are made out of fake leather kind of material used for furniture. I made the belt from the same pattern I have used in many of my costumes. The vambrace pattern where own made. The metal design on the vambrace is made out of foam with spraypainting.

For the red lining in the hood and the red sash I used a nice bridal satin.

Thoughts on this costume: This outfit was a succes for sure. I got an invatation for Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed Launch Event and before we went there I had an awesome photoshoot with my friend Melissa who knew a the game and a great spot to shoot where I could give it a try with some jumping and climbing in high heels hahaha.

Pictures taken by Melissa van den Hoogen

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