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Worn at: Animecon 2011, Japan Expo 2011 (ECG Finals)


I kept a blog about this costume with alot of details on how I made things.


The reason for this costume: I promised my cosplay buddy Sharon to do this cosplay with her sometime. I did read a little bit about Oruha and her passion for music and singing and about her one-leaf clover story. Most of the times I cosplay strong women that are a bit bitchy or just have a huge air over themselves. Oruha was different. Vulnerable, soft and dying. Yet I found this pretty interesting to give it a try.

Animecon was having it’s first ECG preliminary rounds for either solo’s or doubles and in this case I went for the solo’s. I didn’t had much trouble finding the right voice and song for Oruha ;) I used Katherine Jenkins cover of  ‘Who wants to live forever.’ A beautiful song and probably the right way since she knew she could die any moment. I used some stageprops and also used the big huge screen with a picture that could be straight from the manga but then real life scenery and when I got shot down the picture would brake into pieces and turning into nothing. When I died on stage her final words still had to be said. So I decided to film this part on a bright day in my white Belldandy dress, beads in my hair and sing the last sentence looking down on the crowd.

This is what got me into the ECG finals at Japan Expo.

Link to my performance on Animecon 2011

With the ECG I had a little more problems finding the right song. FINALLY my fiancee and I found a reasonable song and guess what…it was from the same singer Katherine Jenkins and this time is was a cover from Evanescence ‘Bring me to life’. I started in a cocoon kind of thing where I broke out. I had alot of problems with this thing so it wasn’t my best piece ever >_< but I had so much fun and gained alot of experience, trust in myself and also made new friends that I look forward meeting again.

A blogpost about my ECG experience and lots of video’s.


How I made it: Everything is made if vinyl fabric. Both stretch and thick. Her wings are made of craftfoam and adhesive plastic.

Corset: I used an old bra to cover up with stretchy vinyl fabric and used a pattern for a corset and mixed these together. The cups are covered up with foam vor the ‘wings’ part. Covered them up with adhesive plastic and beads to add more depth. Here you can find a link to my blog about her corset and here about her cups.

Trims: The trims are added with press buttons to the corset so that if someone steps on it, it wouldn’t rip but just easily removes itself from the corset. This way it wouldn’t rip and I could handwash it if this would be needed. Used two different trims and fabrics. The first layer was made from organza to add shine and give body to the uppertrim. The uppertrim was made of a very lightweighted lining.

Mic: was made out of wood and a broomstick. Since big props or sticks aren’t allowed at Animecon I also made a short stick version. This way I kind of gave it a handmic-ish look xD The little wings on the mic are made of foam and I added layers of glitters and beads. Here you can find a post about how I made her microphone.

Wings: wauw…I reallllly had to think this one out alot of times XD They had to be able to fold for transport, no straps, lightweighted and I needed to be able to get them on and off myself. That is quite a list for a beginner on wings. First I made them out of plastic board stuff. This was EXTREMELY heavy and due heavyness my corset was slipping open since the wings are just worn in the corset.

I used some ‘U’ shape kind of metal thing and a ‘U’ shaped piece of wood. The wooden part was cut in half and a hinge was placed between them (for folding effect). The wooden part contained holes where I could mount it to the metal U shape.

In the first place I wanted the plastic plates to be able to be removed and screwed back on. but since the plates where a failure I just glued on the craftfoam parts. I covered all the bad work up with satin roses on organza tape so everything would make a wonderfull combination together.

The wings matched all my wished except one thing….foam bends…so next time…I need to REALY strenghten the foam up.


Thoughts on this costume: I’m happy with the outcome on costume and acting. Due my braces I was a bit scared to make open mouth singing poses XD. Luckily you don’t really see them. It’s a bit tricky to make a vinyl costume look elegant but Oruha has that sexy yet elegant look.  Although the wings and wings of the mic are pretty vulnerable for damage I still ove this costume for it’s elegant look, it’s comfort (when not wearing the wings haha) and simply looking like a dark, lost opera angel.

Pictures taken by ElvenMaid


Pictures taken by Omaru (here is a link to his awesome made videos!!)

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