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Hey all,

This year at Abunai I had a cosplay acting lecture.  It was all about the different competitions, how to put up an act, stagefright and movie/theatre acting.

I had special help in this one and her name is GlaDOS. Yes that’s right. GlaDOS. That mean robot in the game Portal. Why? Because I think that GlaDOs is the perfect example of that insecure little voice telling you everything goes wrong.

Why would I use this in my lecture? Simply because it’s an blah-blah lecture. It’s nothing but me talking and I wanted the people to have some fun as well while listening to me. That’s why I spoke in some sentences and my fiancee turned them into a GlaDOS or turret voice. Since it can be hard to hear what turrets and GlaDOS is saying I used subtitles during the lecture so people could hear and read them at the same time. Since it was all about acting

I kinda wanted this lecture turn into:

  • a lecture (by telling people about things)
  • an act (by using the voices)
  • and a script (by using que points)

I hope you guys liked my panel and if you have any questions or comments you can mail me about them ;)

-xx- Megumii (Kimberley)


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