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Hey all,

As you might have seen, there haven’t been new updates or new photos for a while now. No I haven’t quit on cosplaying but I have been extremely busy since November 2012.

With what? Well with my own clothing collection ^___^

As a little girl I’ve always wanted to play in a video clip. But I can’t sing and can’t dance and the only way was to create a clothing collection and make one myself!! Music has always inspired me a lot. It helped me with my cosplay acts, inspiration on many facets and simply always been part of me.

This time I was inspired by the Korean boyband Big Bang with their song ‘Fantastic Baby’. The settings, their clothes, their voices, their movements and simply every aspect of the video clip was just triggering me to remake this with my own style of the clothes.

I asked a friend of mine if any of this was possible and he said it was. So after that being said I started drawing and designing.

After finishing the drawings I ended up in Amsterdam a few times for fabric hunting and ended up in locking myself up for 2 months in my room with draping and sewing.

On the 14th of April the first shots where planned and taken that day. It was hard working but it was all worth it and finally my dream of having my own video clip was coming true thanks to my friends!!!

On the weekend of Animecon (31 May to 2 June) our video was shown on a huge screen in the theater room. As a ‘closing-this-project’ moment I was MC-ing the song at Deshima Sounds where everybody joined up for singing and screaming this song with me <3

This was my big adventure for the last couple of months and I will try to focus both on a new cosplay project and on future projects for my clothing label Casuality.

Curious to the video? Take a look at this awesome stuff at YouTube.

I will put the clothes on sale very soon on my Casuality facebook. Check it out at this link!!!

-xx- Megumi (Kim)

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