Edward Kenway female version – Assassins Creed 4

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Hours worked on: 4 weeks (I think about 80 – 100 hours)
Worn at: Abunai 2013

The reason for this costume: I was looking on the internet about Assassins Creed 4 and found a website that held a competition. I had like 1 month time to make this costume AND it would be great to have something new for Abunai since I didn’t had time to make something for Animecon. I focussed on a female version again and this time it had to be lady-like but with some rough ends.
A perfect combination made of leather and lace, silk and blades and curls and guns.

How I made it:
Top: the top is made out of a silk, wool and linnen mixture. I moulded the pattern of the top on my mannequin and made a testmodel.  Top WIP

Skirt: made of a pattern I had laying around and altered the front a little bit. It’s actually a two-layered circle skirt.

Leather jacket: again I moulded a pattern on my mannequin and made a few try-outs.  Found this awesome piece of faux leather at a furniture fabric stand on the market and it was also pretty cheap!! I lined it part with left-over fabrics from my skirt and partly with the leather itself to give it more body. Leather Jacket WIP

Props: bought the guns for 4,- euro each and removed the orange toy cap. I then clipped away some of the extreme round edges so it would look a bit more real.

The sword is also bought but since the competition rule was to have a cleverly placed NVIDIA logo in it I decided to craft some wonderflex on the handles with a NVIDIA logo as cut-out. It was my first time using wonderflex so it was a great try-out. To paint the handle in the right color of the toysword itself I first used a bronze color but it turned out a bit to red-ish. I then added black to see what would happen and it was exactly the right color of the original toy handle!! After 1 layer of bronze color I used the new black + bronze mix for the complete wonderflex handle. After drying I used a black color to add some more depth to the edges and to make the sowrd look more old and rusty. It was the first time tring out these kind of techniques and I’m happy they worked out pretty well!! Sword WIP

The hidden blades where again a try-out with wonderflex. This time to see if I could make a 3d-model kind of prop out of it. After alot of wonderflex and funfoam it came out pretty nice. I first made the blade completely black. I don’t know why but somehow I kinda thought that IF my silver paint would fall of a little bit, at least you don’t see anything white XD. After 1 layer of black paint I found this AMAZING gunmetal acryl paint that had the right color right away! After a few layers I decided to use the same technique from the swords and added black to it. The hidden blades came out better then I expected and with a bit of black on the edges of the layers it gives more depth. Hidden Blades WIP and Hidden Blades Done

Belts and details: My friend Robin truly helped me out with his belts!! Man this costumes has alot of of X__X I made one belt a bit smaller for around the waist and I covered one belt with a matching faux leather. I made two sword handles, 2 small pouches (lined with the fabric of my hood), 2 real leather gunholsters and 2 small belts. This all together adds up alot of weight X_X

for the belts on the upper body I used two same belts and cutted and glued them together. The small beltbuckles where made of wonderflex and the skull was made of clay.

The wig: this was a bit tricky. Edward Kenway has gold blonde hair and this wig was alot darker. It had EXTREMELY alot of curls which didn’t look very nice with the complete costume. I poured like 1,5 liter of boiled water on the wig to loosen up the curls and found myself lucky that this wig is pretty heat resistant xD. The curls became less tight and looked a bit more wavy. It became a little frizzy but for this wild look it’s perfect.

Thoughts on this costume: It was awesome to create this costume but it was AMAZINGLY fun to wear it as well!!

Pictures taken by Melissa van den Hoogen

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