The basics facts:


Name: Kimberley

Birthday: 16 March

Height: 161 cm

Residency: The Netherlands

Occupation: Owner and creator of Casuality, freelance-dressmaker and a big dreamer.

Hobbies: Cosplay, (Japanese) fashion and sewing


The history facts:

I’ve been a part of the cosplay scene since 2005.
It all started when I found out about people dressed up as their favorite anime or manga character. I’ve always told others that I would like to wear costumes like the ones worn by the characters in the Dead Or Alive games. So I decided to study about fashion and sewing.
At fashion school I was being taught how to sew and found out that there was a convention in The Netherlands called ‘Animecon’.
I asked a friend of mine if she would like to join me at the next Animecon and give it a go with cosplay.
Then finally an update on the Animecon website was posted, announcing Animecon 2005. So we booked our tickets, reserved a hotel room and went to the Animecon that year cosplaying for the first time as Tokyo Mew Mew and Rikku from FFX-2.
At that convention I found out that this was truly what I wanted to do and learn more about.

From that moment on I decided to cosplay on every convention I could go to.

So, did I choose my fashion training only for cosplay?

Answer is both, yes and no.
At that time I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. Nothing really came to my mind and I didn’t really like administrative work or something related.
So first I attended a fashion school, where they taught me much about sewing, patterns and fabrics.

I had a great time at school and with and a lot of knowledge about sewing, I graduated.
Since that school was not a very high level education (MBO level 2), I decided to aim for a higher level and applied at the ‘Mondriaan College’ in The Hague.
It was very different from my previous school and we (as a class) didn’t go off with a good start.
In 2010 I graduated with a (MBO) level 4, a good looking tailor-made suit and a kick-ass cosplay fashion show with the best of my costumes from the past 6 years.


The personal facts:
Next to my love for cosplay I also have my own small fashionlabel called ‘Casuality‘. With this label I’m am still experimenting alot.

I also enjoy playing on my Xbox-360 and play the Assassins Creed games, love to do a good workout and some shopping.

Still want to know more?

Feel free to mail me ^__^


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